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In family court, parents with minor children who are undergoing divorce or separation are required to complete a DCF Approved parenting course before a judge can finalize visitation, custody, or child support orders.

The purpose of this course is to provide fathers and mothers with the skills and resources needed to navigate their parenting transition successfully. Our objective is to instill in you the belief that you can effectively parent your child, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. The truth is, most parenting situations, whether both parents are present in the home or not, are far from perfect. The key to success lies in two fundamental principles: a commitment to your child, ensuring you fulfill your parental responsibilities to the best of your ability, and belief in yourself, recognizing that you possess the qualities necessary to be a good parent and may require guidance and support, especially during times of change.

This course covers various areas, including 'Resolving Differences for Your Child's Benefit', 'Understanding Your Parenting Role', 'Embracing Maturity', 'Adapting to Change', 'Effective Communication Skills', 'Building Self-Confidence', 'Problem-Solving', 'Conflict Resolution', 'Planning', 'Agreement', 'Independence and Empowerment', and 'Family Law'.

It is imperative for parents to apply the knowledge gained from this course to enhance their co-parenting abilities.


Each course includes a free certificate which will be emailed to you upon successful completion. We keep a free copy of your certificates in your account for two years.

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  • Q: How many times can I log in and out?
  • A: As many times as you want.
  • Q: Is the entire course done online?
  • A: Yes, the entire course is done 100% online.
  • Q: Are there tests that I need to pass?
  • A: Yes! We are approved so all of our programs have tests.
  • Q: What if I fail the final exam?
  • A: If you do not pass the final exam one of our highly trained instructors will assist you. You will have unlimited attempts at passing. You will be given access to the course materials again, at no cost, so you can review before retesting.
  • Q: Can I sign up online?
  • A: Yes, you can sign up 100% online using our secure registration form. All of our programs are taken 100% online.
  • Q: How long is the course?
  • A: Our DCF Approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course is 4 hours. You do not, however, need to accrue those hours in one sitting. Once registered, you may start and stop the course at your convenience. The other free courses vary in length from 1 hour to 4 hours.
  • Q: When will I receive my certificate?
  • A: As soon as you successfully complete the class you will be able to print, download and/or save the certificate on your device. We will also, immediately email the certificate to you for your records.
  • Q: Is the information I submit through this website secure?
  • A: Yes, we are committed to protecting your privacy and online confidentiality. Our site uses special encryption to protect your personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Easy Parenting Class for Divorcing and Separating Parents with 4 Bonus Parenting Classes

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APPROVED by the Department of Children and Families for Divorcing and Separating Parents

This class is for the parents of minor children who are going through a divorce, separation, or break up. Included are some basic parenting skills with sections covering child custody, mediation, communication, and more. Separation and divorce are not always ideal, but sometimes necessary. With this divorce course, you can have the right tools at your disposal to navigate a difficult divorce, separation, or custody evaluation. This parenting class is also known as a divorce course, shared parenting course, parent education and family stabilization course, and a parallel parenting course.

Upon successful completion you will be able to print, download or save the certificate of completion. We don’t charge extra for the certificate.

This parenting class for divorce is also known as a co-parenting course, divorce course, shared parenting course, parent education and family stabilization course, and a parallel parenting course.

All courses include a free Certificate upon completion.

Our top priority is the well-being of children.


Once you purchase your DCF Approved Co-Parenting Class HERE

We will automatically add these free classes to your account. No need to do anything extra.


FREE: Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Class for Parents ($30.00 value)

(Free Course with the co-parenting class purchase)

This 2-hour class gives parents and child care providers an awareness of the basic characteristics of sexual predators and abusers, as well as the grooming process utilized by pedophiles and molesters, so they are better equipped to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.

FREE: Discipline Education Course ($40.00 value)

(Free Course with the co-parenting class purchase)

Developed by Dr. Elizabeth LaMont, LCSW

This 2-hour research based and research informed discipline education class was developed by Dr. Elizabeth LaMont, LCSW, PH.D. With her knowledge, we provide a step-by-step approach to properly disciplining children. We do this by giving parents a deeper understanding of their child and teaching them how to build a child’s sense of self-worth. Topics Covered: How to Discipline Your Child, Effective Discipline, Praise and Consequences, Age-Appropriate Discipline, and Understanding Human Nature.

FREE: Domestic Violence Information ($30.00 value)

(Free Course with the co-parenting class purchase)

Developed by Dr. Elizabeth LaMont, LCSW

This 2 Hour class participants will learn to spot the signs of an abusive relationship. Gaining skills to stop the cycle of violence in relationships is critical to preventing domestic violence. With this class, you will be able to determine if you are in an abusive relationship and where to get help. It is time to end domestic violence and our class aims to achieve that goal in a non-judgmental experience.

FREE: Drug and Alcohol Awareness Guide for Parents ($40.00 value)

4-Hour Course (Free Guide with the co-parenting class purchase)

There are over two thousand slang terms for marijuana alone. With an ever-changing vocabulary, it is difficult for parents to keep up with one drug, let alone all of them. This 2-hour awareness guide is designed to help. It provides parents with a sensible, responsible approach to recognizing signs of drug or alcohol abuse in their children. This guide educates parents on more than just the slang drug-terms of today, it also describes the most commonly abused drugs by teens and young adults and the symptoms of using those drugs. Regardless of the drug, it is important for parents to take action right now. When there is drug or alcohol abuse, it is helpful to have guidance on how to step in as a parent.

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